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Back to the Garden     NFT listed on OpenSea

“We are stardust. We are golden. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” *

Pluto in Virgo

As Pluto ever so slowly makes its way across the celestial sphere, it informs the soul purpose of an entire generation. Pluto purifies. It digs deep to bring out Truth. Virgo is an earth sign. It illuminates the concepts of ecology, integrity, and sustainability in our collective perception of who we are as a species on Earth. Pluto in Virgo brought forth the ideas that revolutionized the 1960’s and still reverberate through popular culture today: the rhythm of the Earth runs through all of our bodies, we are part of a bigger picture, a grand design, a cog in something turning.


Back to the Garden depicts three individuals who have turned their backs on mainstream culture and are seeking the ‘bigger picture' meaning, their soul purpose. The landscape overlaps an image of the topography of a distant heavenly body, attracting those seekers. The geometric unicursal hexagram symbol that runs across the image represents magic, the mystical, and the 

concept that it is our sacred connection to the Earth which leads us to the divine.

*Lyrics from the Joni Mitchell song “Woodstock”.

That Which I Wish     NFT listed on OpenSea

Manifesto: I am free to follow my purpose, to do as I desire, to experience that which I wish.


This image can be read as a collective message to humanity, or as a personal message that I sent to myself.  It is the latter interpretation that I choose to elaborate on here. The landscape image represents the present state of affairs of life on earth, and the flight of the pelicans disappearing into the mists of time alludes to the departure of old ways of being. I find myself standing alone front and center - the chair - beneath ‘the cloud’, a vast database of wisdom and knowledge that I have access to. I downloaded the above message. It is my manifesto.

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